Creating an Aesthetic Home Screen with iOS 14 & RoutineHub

iPhone home screen with a clock widget, apps, Disclosure album artwork, and Perseus with the head of Medusa. iPhone home screen with moon phase and weather widgets, apps, and a photo of two faces by Quibe. iPhone home screen with apps, a phots of New York City, another photo of two faces by Quibe, and a sculpture of angels.

✨ Updated 11/21/2020 ✨

iOS 14 is here, and so are lots of fancy looking home screens, so I thought I would share mine and how I made it!

Method I: Quick and Dirty

Note: using this method will always open the Shortcuts app briefly before actually launching an app which isn't ideal but works

  1. Open Shortcuts
  2. Tap the +
  3. Select Scripting
  4. Select Open App
  5. Choose an app
  6. Tap the three dots in the top right corner
  7. Tap Add to Home Screen
  8. Select a photo or icon for the app
  9. Enter a label, then tap Add
  10. Repeat for every app you want to customize

Method II: Worth the Investment

Get IconThemer

  1. Go to Settings > Shortcuts > Toggle Allow Untrusted Shortcuts on
  2. Get Icon Themer
  3. (Recommended) Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Toggle Reduce Motion on

Note: Here's the RoutineHub FAQ and their Privacy Policy

Customizing Non-System Apps (Instagram, Notion, etc)

  1. Open Shortcuts
  2. Tap the Icon Themer shortcut
  3. Tap Search in App Store
  4. Type the name of the app you want to customize, then tap Done
  5. Select the app (it should be the top result)
  6. Choose an icon from your Photos Library or Files
  7. Enter a label (I left all of mine blank) then click Done

At this point, you should see a prompt to add more icons
Feel free to add as many as you'd like by repeating the steps above
When you're finished, tap Create my Icons

  1. Tap Done when prompted with the URL scheme
  2. When prompted, pick the folder you'd like to save your shortcuts to
  3. After being redirected to Safari, tap Allow
  4. Go to Settings, select the profile you just downloaded, and tap Install
  5. Enter your passcode, tap Install at the top right corner, then tap Install again

Customizing System Apps (Phone, Messages, etc)

Note: Customizing certain system apps will cause the Shortcuts app to open briefly before launching, but you can get around this by using the iOS 14.3 Public Beta

Customizing a system app is exactly the same – except for Step 3

Tap System App instead of Search in App Store

Yay! New icons! ğŸŽ‰


My background is a photo of Kanye West I found on Tyche – a project I made to help creatives make their best work

I bought this icon set from Traf, and used Widgetsmith to add the time, photo, and moon phase widgets

The photos on the first screen are of Disclosure's album artwork and Perseus with the Head of Medusa

The photo on the second screen is Close Noir by Quibe

The photos on the last screen are of a statue of angels, an alternate version of Close Noir by Quibe, and the New York City skyline

Cheers ğŸŽ‰

Thanks for reading! Share this post, send me your home screen on Twitter, or say hello :~)

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